Retreat Spa and Health Club

A haven for the body and the soul, the Retreat Spa offers guests not only moments of tranquility and means of relaxation but a menu of spa and fitness amenities and treatments to improve personal well-being.

Emphasizing natural beauty and healthy living, the spa provides access to an array of spa treatments, gym facilities and equipment as well as a pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna. The spa's three professional salons include N Bar (a nail salon), 1847 (for men), and Jet Set (a hair salon for women).
Gary Rhodes

Phytomer beauty treatments are inspired by the sea. The amazing similarities in the composition of marine elements and the skin make Phytomer beauty products highly tolerant and renowned for their efficiency.

Our international team of qualified Spa therapists will ensure that you receive a warm welcome and the utmost care and attention throughout your spa experience. Choose from our variety of holistic and specialized treatments on offer. Relax, recharge and indulge at Retreat spa with a number of superb promotions on offer.

Whether you are looking to while away the afternoon with a traditional Rasul Mud treatment or looking to cool down with a luxurious Massage and Express Facial, then Retreat Spa is the place to go!

Nestled on the 4th floor of Grosvenor House Dubai, Retreat Spa is a heavenly escape to indulgence designed to ensure that daily stresses whittle away, leaving the mind, body and soul completely relaxed following the experience of any of the holistic treatments on offer.

Providing an unsurpassed and balanced approach to wellness, the spa is a source of tranquility, the gym invigoration and the terrace pool complete relaxation.

It is no wonder that the Retreat Spa is known as a real treat for the all the senses.
Spring Detox Revival
Sooth and nourish skin, ease tired muscles and enjoy an indulgent state of relaxation with the detoxifying Oriental Rasul Skin Ceremony and Stress Release Massage.
1hr & 45 mins Dhs. 750
Packages are available from 1st March until 31st May 2014
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Spring Delight
Indulge with the Phytomer Express Facial & a 60-minute massage of your choice, which will leave you with a spring in your step in no time at all.
1 hr & 45 mins Dhs. 850
Packages are available from 1st March until 31st May 2014
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Rejuvenate by “Vie Collection”
Enjoy exceptional results for face and body whilst enjoying complete relaxation and rejuvenation with a facial/massage combination.
2 hr & 15 mins Dhs. 1100
Packages are available from 1st March until 31st May 2014
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Discover “Anne Semonin” Beauty
Experience three lavish treatments by Anne Semonin including a made-to-measure facial, customised Bora Bora Scrub with Rose Kaolin Wrap and special gift from us!
2 hr 15 mins Dhs. 1200
Packages are available from 1st March until 31st May 2014
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